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June 13, 2016

OG wins the Manila Major!

The Green Dream comes true and Manila hails the first team to ever win 2 Valve titles, as OG Dota takes home the Manila Major Championship title after an exciting Best of 5 series against Team Liquid. The last Major in the Majors tournament series will now come to a close as we all wait for the grand stage of Dota 2 that is the The International.

Completing the circle by beating Liquid 3 games to 1 in their Best of 5 finals, OG Dota proved to the world that their power of friendship is stronger than any 5-high-skill stack as they set new records in competitive Dota 2, as well as breaking a few predictions for the duration of the Major.

NAWASAK, [...]

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June 12, 2016

Manila Major Main Event – OG heads to the Finals, Liquid Eliminates LGD, will face Newbee for a shot at the Title.

Only 3 contenders now remaining, 2 from the West and 1 from the East, the last day of the Manila Major draws near and we all would know if who between OG Dota 2, Newbee, and Team Liquid will take home the much coveted title in the last Major before TI6.

A jam-packed SM Mall of Asia Arena bore witness to the tense action that was the Manila Major Upper Bracket Finals and Lower Bracket Semifinals, with back-and-forth exchanges, heroes being wiped out, and “nearly had it” moments became the centerpiece for Day 5 of the Manila Major. The first Matchup featured MVP Phoenix, the lone team representing the South East Asian region facing off with their comrades from [...]

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June 11, 2016

The Manila Major Main Event – Fnatic, ViCi Gaming Reborn drop out of the Major

The onslaught continues in the Manila Major as SEA’s finest, Fnatic Dota, and one of China’s promising young team, ViCi Gaming Reborn, are both eliminated from the tournament, and securing a spot at the top 6 tournament finishers.

ViCi Gaming vs LGD Gaming – The Chinese Tango

A new Chinese rivalry seems to be brewing between Fy‘s VG Reborn and xiao8‘s LGD Gaming as they become one of the only matchups to break the series of sweeps that is the Main Event of the Manila Major. With back and forth situations happening in all 3 games of their series, ViCi Gaming Reborn has proved that even though they are a team composed mostly of young players, [...]

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June 10, 2016

The Manila Major Main Event – Team Liquid eliminates Natus Vincere

The TI1 champions Natus Vincere bid goodbye to to their Manila Major run as Team Liquid drop them off from the Loser’s Bracket  after the latter’s 2-0 victory over the former. Nevertheless, Na’Vi, reaching the top 8 of this Major has pretty much secured themselves the TI Direct Invite.

Game 1

FATA- Mid Dendi MATUMBAMAN Carry Ditya Ra MinD_ContRoL Offlane General Kuroky Support Artstyle JeRax Support Sonneiko

Natus Vincere‘s tendency to run unorthodox tactics became a centerpiece of this game as they opted for the Middle Lane Batrider on Dendi, on the other hand giving Ditya Ra the Juggernaut with General handling the [...]

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