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EPICENTER 2017 Quick Survival Guide

EPICENTER 2017 Quick Survival Guide

by CMJune 4, 2017
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Ready for Moscow’s biggest LAN of this year?

TI may only be just a few more months away but we still have a few major tournaments to go which will hopefully help decide who’s gonna be directly invited and who’s gonna undergo through the qualifier rounds and one of those is Epic Esports Events EPICENTER 2017, which is now on its 2nd year after a very successful first run back in May of last year.

Easily becoming one of the “must watch” premier tournaments for Dota 2 due to the caliber of participating teams and its USD 500,000 prize pool, EPICENTER first crowned Team Liquid as its champion after a 3-2 victory against Newbee during the 2016 finals and will now look to crown its 2017 champion among 10 of its participants for this year’s tournament.

So awaits us in EPICENTER 2017?

Participating Teams

EPICENTER’s way of inviting teams for this year proved to be one of the most interesting when compared to other premier and even prestige tournaments as together with the 5 directly invited teams, and the other 4 regional qualifier winners, the tournament also gave the fans a chance to vote for a team to receive the 6th direct invite, a contest which was arguably easily won by the TI1 Champions Natus Vincere garnering nearly 75% of the total fan vote. Na’Vi, who was struggled to keep themselves in Tier 1 status ever since the aftermath of TI4 will try to prove if the current meta of 7.06c will help stage their comeback, and of course, showcase the skills of some of the familiar faces that fans have come to know and love such as GeneralSonneiko, and of course, Dendi.


Despite being absent in most major tournaments for the past year, Dendi still continues to be one of the most popular Dota 2 personalities.

Apart from Na’Vi looking to establish their name, another team is also looking to leave a major mark in major tournaments and is also looking to redeem themselves after their performance at the Manila Masters, that being the Filipino team Clutch GamersClutch has had a very amazing run for tournaments ever since the finalization of their current roster early this year as they managed to qualify for 4 major LANs, EPICENTER 2017 being one of them, in a span of a month. Their journey in EPICENTER, however, proved to be a very tough uphill battle, as many would say, as they are grouped up with some of the biggest teams in both the East and the West, namely, Evil Geniuses,, and Invictus Gaming, although, with the Filipino pride on the line, their fans are hopeful that they might just be able to achieve a Cinderella run and end in the top ranks, if not, a championship title.

The rest of the participating teams, and as well as their respective groups for the Group Stage are as follows:

Group A

  • OG Dota 2 (Direct Invite)
  • Team Liquid (Direct Invite)
  • Team Secret (CIS-EU Qualifier)
  • Natus Vincere (Fan Vote Winner)
  • LGD.Forever Young (China Qualifier)

Group B

  • (Direct Invite)
  • Evil Geniuses (Direct Invite)
  • Invictus Gaming (Direct Invite)
  • Planet Odd (Americas Qualifier)
  • Clutch Gamers (SEA Qualifier)

Note: Planet Odd is formerly Team Thunderbirds

The Venue

In contrast to last year, this year’s EPICENTER is moving to a bigger home as it will be held at the VTB Ice Palace right at the heart of Moscow, Russia, where it will hopefully utilize the arena’s 14,000 capacity, given just how big Dota 2 is in the CIS region when it comes to audience. However, just like what many are hoping, venue capacity aside, we are more looking forward to any upgrades in the already high bar of production value for EPICENTER and if Epic Esports Events will be able to top their own event prod last year whose centerpiece was the beautiful animation to reality transition of the Roshan statue right at the middle of the ring.

Broadcast Team

This year’s EPICENTER will showcase a good variety of analysts and casters for the English and Russian languages with talents from well-known productions houses such as Beyond The Summit, and RuHub present to provide commentary and coverage. Familiar names from the English team such as TobiWanMerliniGoDz and LD will be there to give commentary, whereas the English analyst desk will see the return of Purge and Winter and Machine will be the tournament’s English Host. The Russian team, on the other hand, will bring in familiar faces of their own, with the analyst desk composed mostly of former pro players such as XBOCTNSGoblakDread, and ARS-ART with other well-known Russian broadcast personalities like V1lat and LightOfHeaven to provide commentary for the game.

English Broadcast Team

  • Machine – Host
  • TobiWan – Commentary
  • Merlini – Commentary
  • Fogged – Commentary
  • LD – Commentary
  • GoDz – Commentary
  • ODPixel – Commentary
  • Purge – Analyst
  • Winter – Analyst

Russian Broadcast Team

  • Pavel – Host
  • Faker – Host
  • v1lat – Commentary
  • GodHunt – Commentary
  • Lex – Commentary
  • 4ce – Commentary
  • Maelstrom – Commentary
  • LighTofHeaveN – Commentary
  • Adekvat – Commentary
  • NS – Analyst
  • ARS-ART – Analyst
  • Inmate – Analyst
  • XBOCT – Analyst
  • Goblak – Analyst
  • JotM – Analyst
  • Dread – Analyst

Schedule and Broadcast Channels

EPICENTER 2017 will run on July 5, 2017 with the first match to presumably start at 18:00 CEST OR, if to quickly convert it to Philippine Standard time, it will be this coming midnight, 12:00 of June 5, 2017, which means that it will happen in just a few hours from now!

The English broadcast for the tournament will be over at Twitch and can be watched through the following channels:

The first match of Day 1 will be as follows:

  • Clutch Gamers vs
  • LGD.Forever Young vs OG Dota 2

The finals will be taking place this coming June 11, 2017, with the winner to take home 50% of the total prize pool, USD 250,000.


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