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Garena partners with charity group Generation Hope for League of Legends Rampage Celebrity Showmatch

Garena partners with charity group Generation Hope for League of Legends Rampage Celebrity Showmatch

by LouisMay 22, 2017

Enjoy Esports and help build classrooms all in one event.

A pleasant surprise comes from Garena Philippines as the upcoming celebrity showmatch which will take place at Rampage 2017 this coming July 30, will be done for charity with the publisher partnering with Generation Hope, a charity organization that aims to help build school classrooms.

Having already built 37 classrooms across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, Generation Hope will hope to increase that count by being part of Garena Rampage 2017, one by selling their bottled-water product, Hope in a Bottle, and two by gaining funding via the results of the Celebrity Showmatch through objective scores such as Champion kills, Dragon take downs, and securing the Baron.

Each objective rewards a specific amount towards Generation Hope, with Champion takedowns earning PHP 1,000, killing the Dragon to reward PHP 5,000, and securing the Baron to donate PHP 10,000 to the organization which will then go towards funding and building classrooms. Together with this news, Garena also reveals the initial 5 players for the Celebrity Showmatch which includes tv personalities Eric Tai, CJ Navaro, and Izzy Canillo, Online Star Sachzna Laparan and gaming personality Ashley Goesiengfiao.


Garena Rampage 2017, the annual celebration of the League of Legends Community will be taking place this June 30, 2017 in World Trade Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila. Apart from the Celebrity Showmatch, the event will also highlight the Pro Gaming Series Summer 2017 Finals, the Cosplay Clash competition, and as well as performances by bands Rocksteddy and Mayonnaise.

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