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Tencent rebrands digital store, will soon be called “WeGame” and will possibly reach out to Global Markets

Tencent rebrands digital store, will soon be called “WeGame” and will possibly reach out to Global Markets

by LouisApril 20, 2017

Here comes a new Steam challenger.

Tencent, the digital commerce giant from China, which is now known as the owner of studios that created highly popular Free-to-Play games, Riot Games with their League of Legends and Clash of Clans creator Supercell, is about to make a major move towards the gaming market outside of China with the rebranding of their Tencent Games Platform.

The information comes from Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad who posted screenshots of slides that supposedly detail the upcoming rebranding and the potential global expansion.

As shown in Ahmad’s tweet, together with the rebranding and global expansion will also come the following features:

  • User-Developer interaction
  • Video Game Localisations (for games made outside of China/foreign titles)

Should the rebranding and the global expansion really come into effect, this would mean that Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam, which is currently the biggest, will find itself another competitor, although if Tencent’s game distribution platform will have their own version of Steam sales or not is also still up in the air.

Although Ahmad did cite global expansion, his most recent interview with Motherboard might say otherwise as he says that “Tencent is focusing on growing the platform in China and bringing as many games, both local and foreign, to Chinese gamers” which would mean that expanding TGP or WeGame’s reach outside of China would only mean more opportunities for game makers to penetrate the Chinese gaming market, which back in 2016 became the world’s biggest market, raking in a total revenue of USD 24.3 Billion, from a gaming population which is estimated to be somewhere past the 500 million mark or about half of the Asia-Pacific’s total gaming population.

We are not making this up, source: Newzoo

We are not making this up, source: Newzoo

If Tencent is going to really expand its digital distribution platform outside of China to service global users or not we will all be finding out very soon as the Chinese e-commerce titan is expected to make a full announcement sometime this week.

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