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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Switch version outsells the Switch in the US by nearly 20,000 units

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Switch version outsells the Switch in the US by nearly 20,000 units

by LouisApril 21, 2017

We’re trying to find a link as to how this happened.

In what perhaps is the craziest Nintendo Switch related story so far, Nintendo’s newest addition to the Legend of Zelda franchise, one that is also designed for their new console hybrid, has managed to outsell the Nintendo Switch itself in the USA, and to make things more interesting, it was the game’s Switch version that surpassed the console hybrid’s number-of-units-sold count by 19,000 units, with the Switch selling 906,000 units, and Breath of the Wild’s Switch edition selling 925,000 units.

Now, the stats are from the March sales tallied by the NPD Market Research Group so there is a possibility that the numbers for both, the Breath of the Wild Switch’s version, and the Switch itself, when it comes to units sold are still growing.

But just how exactly did this happen?

Honestly, we can only assume as to how in the world that a game’s console or platform specific version outsells the console or platform that it is intended to run on, and there are a few interesting theories as to where the “extra” 19,000 units came from:

  • People buying at least 2 copies or version of the game, a regular one that they’ll play with, and a limited or collector’s edition for safe keeping.
  • People buying the game in advance before the console itself since whichever retailer in their area ran out of stock, or because they are planning to get the console eventually once a retailer starts to run price promotions.
  • People buying the game on behalf of their friends abroad because the cost of buying the game in the US plus shipping is cheaper by a few bucks compared to the localized pricing (and since Switch has no region lock, this might be feasible).
  • Grannies buying the game for their grandkids who just can’t stop talking about “that new Nintendo game” as a surprise gift, not knowing that their grandkids may already have purchased the game on their own.

Okay, so the last one might be too far fetched, however, the tallied stats help give testament to just how popular Legend of Zelda is as a franchise, that gamers are willing to own the game before grabbing a unit of Nintendo’s new hybrid console.

As more games are slated to be released on the Nintendo Switch this year, it is also expected that the sales will continue to rise, and it may surpass the 1 million units sold mark in the USA alone before this year ends with a projected 5 million in total unit sales, as predicted by SuperData by the end of 2017.

As such, it looks like we need to update one of the well known Nintendo memes of the past to reflect this highly inevitable point in gaming history.


I’m bad at Photoshop.


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