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Kiev Major Groupstage wrap-up: Team Secret undefeated, Pinoy players set new records

Kiev Major Groupstage wrap-up: Team Secret undefeated, Pinoy players set new records

by LouisApril 26, 2017
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SEA Region = Powerful Region.

The Kiev Major group stages proved to be SEA’s yard as multiple players from the region secure top spots and dominate the tournament, with some even setting new Valve records.

Day 1 kicked off with an easy 2-0 win by Pinoy team TNC Pro Team over the TI5 Champions, Evil Geniuses, and proved that SEA continues to be the bane of many Western teams, still speaking of TNC Pro Team, carry player Marc Polo “Raven” Fausto also laid down a new record by netting 33 kills in their match against the North American Thunderbirds, which is now the new highest kill-record in any Valve tournament surpassing Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasilenko’s record of 31 kills in Team Spirit.

Raven's kill record in this game even surpassed Thunderbird's who ended the game with 32 kills overall.

Raven’s kill record in this game even surpassed Thunderbird’s who ended the game with 32 kills overall.

Talking about other players from SEA, Malaysian Zheng “MidOne” Yeik Nai, together with his team mates from Team Secret ends the group stage in high spirits as they finish off undefeated, sweeping all 3 of their opponents 2-0. Even though Secret has been laced with controversy starting with their post-Shanghai Major run, most of which involved managerial level decisions that affected key players, Puppey‘s squad is off to redeem themselves in Kiev, and hopefully bag another Major title before heading to Manila this May.

While the West has secured most of the top spots in the Kiev Major groupstages, the Chinese delegations would fall short, or at least the most of them, teams ViCi Gaming.JInvictus Gaming.VitalityTeam Random (formerly Wings Gaming), and Newbee will make up most of the bottom 8 teams in the Groupstages, together with teams Facelessmousesports (former Ad Finem), SG-Esports and Evil Geniuses. China is still very much in the game though, as Invictus Gaming, the team led by the legendary Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei finishes the groups 3-1.

Kiev Major 2017 Groupstage Standings

Team Series Record
(Bo3 W/L)
Games Record
(Game W/L)
Team Secret 3-0 6-0 3-0 6-1
Invictus Gaming 3-1 6-3
TNC Pro Team 3-1 6-4
OG Dota 2 3-1 6-5
Team Liquid Dota 2 2-2 6-4
Digital Chaos 2-2 5-5
Thunderbirds 2-2 6-6
Evil Geniuses 2-2 5-5
Team ViCi Gaming.J 2-2 5-5
Newbee 2-2 4-5
Team Random 1-3 4-7
Team Faceless 1-3 3-6
mousesports 1-3 3-6
Invictus Gaming.Vitality 0-3 2-6
SG-Esports 0-3 1-6

Albeit the seedings does still suggest the good ol’ Top 8/Bottom 8 team seeding format that we have all been used too, the Kiev Major will follow a 16-team Single Elimination format for the main event, which means that the scores earned by teams would only be to determine their main event opponents which are decided on their Top 8/Bottom 8 placements, the team that holds rank #1 in the Top 8 seeds will face the team that holds rank #8 in the Bottom 8 seeds or the team that is rank #16 overall, and so on.

This will then result in the first round of the Kiev Major main event stage to have the following matches:

  • Invictus Gaming vs mousesports
  • Team Liquid vs Newbee
  • Digital Chaos vs Team ViCi Gaming.J
  • vs Invictus Gaming.Vitality
  • TNC Pro Team vs Team Faceless
  • OG Dota 2 vs Team Random
  • Thunderbirds vs Evil Geniuses
  • Team Secret vs SG-Esports

The Kiev Major main event stage will commence this coming April 27, and will until April 30, in the National Palace of Arts, Kiev, Ukraine.

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