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Master X Master is a “Tag Team” MOBA title from MMORPG developer NCsoft

Master X Master is a “Tag Team” MOBA title from MMORPG developer NCsoft

by LouisMarch 22, 2017

You thought you’ve seen everything that MOBAs can offer? Well, think again.

The million-dollar success of the MOBA genre which roots can be traced to the popularity of the WarCraft III Map Mod, Defense of the Ancients, which then spawned 2 of the biggest Esports titles of today, Dota 2 and League of Legends, has managed other development and publishing companies to also get try their hand at one of this generation’s most competitive video game genre. While not many of them have found success in this venture, some resulting

While not many have found success in venturing towards the MOBA genre, some resulting in very negative reception, while others just shut down in the midst of development, this will not stop NCSoft, the South Korean game development giant known for producing MMORPG titles, to also try and make MOBA work for their favor with their upcoming title Master X Master.

Though the title may make you not take it seriously, Master X Master, or MXM, describes itself as an Action MOBA and utilises the mouse, WASD directional keys and as well as the spacebar as the main tools for movement, even incorporating Jump and Dodge mechanics to its main movement kit. Being a MOBA, the game still incorporates many of your typical MOBA features and mechanics such as creepwaves, jungle monsters, towers, main buildings, and objective points although the most interesting factor that separates it from other pre-existing MOBAs it what we describe as the “Tag Team” mechanic wherein you can switch characters in the middle of a match.

Yup, as shown in the video description, MXM lets you choose 2 characters before a match starts, both equipped with 5 abilities, and weapon presets, during the course of the match you can swap our characters, whether to extend your presence in a fight by switching to the healthier character, or to perform combos if you’ve picked ones with complementing abilities, which in turn then adds to the strategic variety that MXM offers.

Apart from the PVP modes, MXM also has PVE modes, which offers an MMORPG feel, wherein you can farm for drops or grind your way towards character progression.

MXM plans to enter its Closed Beta Phase this coming April, and, if in case you’re interested, sign-ups are ongoing on the game’s official website,

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