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Upgrading to AMD’s new Ryzen CPU? Check out the listed specs, pricing and motherboard options right here

Upgrading to AMD’s new Ryzen CPU? Check out the listed specs, pricing and motherboard options right here

by LouisFebruary 23, 2017
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Yup, Ryzen is finally here lads and gals.

AMD’s greatly anticipated Ryzen line of processors has officially opened for pre-orders after it is officially unveiled at a press event hosted by the hardware manufacturer themselves. Utilizing the new Zen microarchitecture which was initially showcased back at E3 2016 and was fully previewed at a press event during August of last year, the Ryzen, or more specifically Ryzen 7 is looking to directly go head-on against Intel’s latest i7 line promising on par or even better performance at a lower price point.

The lineup will initially include 3 different models, the Ryzen 7 1700, Ryzen 7 1700X, and Ryzen 7 1800X, each with varying clock speeds depending and catered to different user levels, but all supporting dual-channel DDR4 memory modules and operating on TDPs less than 100 Watts. The flagship model, Ryzen 7 1800X boasts a base clock speed of 3.6Ghz and will reach 4.0Ghz when boosted, and even goes beyond using AMD’s XFR, or Extended Frequency Range tech, and proper cooling.

AMD Ryzen 7 Variants and Specifications

Model Cores/
Base Clock Boost Clock L3 Cache TDP Pricing (PHP)
Ryzen R7 1800X 8/16 3.6 Ghz 4.0 Ghz  16MB  95 Watts PHP 27,000
Ryzen R7 1700X 8/16 3.4 Ghz 3.8 Ghz  16MB  95 Watts PHP 21,000
Ryzen R7 1700 8/16 3.2 Ghz  3.7 Ghz  16MB  65 Watts PHP 17,500

As for the Motherboards, AMD, together with other hardware manufacturers is said to have 80 or more motherboard models for the Ryzen, with currently confirmed models to hail from ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, Gigabyte, and MSI. The boards are assumed to have NVME and PCIe 3.0 interfaces, M.2 SATA support, and as well as USB 3.1 (Gen 1 and Gen 2) ports.

AMD Ryzen Compatible Motherboards

  • ASRock X370 Taichi
  • ASRock X370 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming K4
  • ASRock X370 Professional Gaming K4
  • ASRock X370 Killer SLI
  • ASRock AB350 Gaming K4
  • ASRock AB350 Pro4
  • ASRock AB350M
  • ASRock A320M Pro4
  • ASUS X370 ROG Crosshair IV Hero
  • ASUS X370 Prime Pro
  • ASUS B350 Prime Plus
  • ASUS B350 Prime-A
  • ASUS A320M-C
  • MSI X370 XPower Gaming Titanium
  • MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon
  • MSI B35o Tomahawk Gaming
  • MSI B350M Mortar
  • MSI A320M Pro-VD
  • GIGABYTE AX270 AORUS Gaming K7
  • GIGABYTE AX370 AORUS Gaming K5
  • GIGABYTE AX370 AORUS Gaming K3
  • GIGABYTE X370 AORUS Gaming K5
  • GIGABYTE AB350 Gaming
  • GIGABYTE AB350 Gaming 3
  • GIGABYTE B350M Gaming 3
  • GIGABYTE A320-D2
  • Biostar X370 Racing GTN
  • Biostar X370 Racing GT7
  • Biostar X370 Racing GT5
  • Biostar X370 Racing GT3
  • Biostar B350 Racing GTN
  • Biostar B350 Racing GT5
  • Biostar B350 Racing GT3
  • Biostar B350 Hi-Fi S1
  • Biostar B350 ET2

Note that there is still no news regarding the local availability and pricing of the listed motherboards although we are expecting the same launch together with the Ryzen 7’s actual launch date or perhaps a few weeks, that is if the manufacturers opt for a sequential regional release rather than an overall global unveiling.

The AMD Ryzen 7 processor line is now open for pre-orders through AMD’s website,, and will become available worldwide this coming March 2, 2017. If in case you find the Ryzen 7’s pricing to still be a little too steep for your preferences, then worry not for AMD also has the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 at the ready with the release to soon follow after the flagship Ryzen 7.


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