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Mouse and Keyboard input support coming to Xbox Scorpio?

Mouse and Keyboard input support coming to Xbox Scorpio?

by LouisFebruary 13, 2017

Xbox lead Phil Spencer might have just hinted a long-requested possibility.

The much talked about Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s latest console venture, may have just dropped a new possibility bomb in regards to its supported input devices by way of Xbox lead Phil Spencer. In a response to a tweet from a fan asking if whether the Xbox One will be officially supporting the Mouse and Keyboard as input devices for the upcoming strategy title, Halo Wars 2, Spencer points out that while it will not be the case once the game launches they would “like to add as it comes to the Xbox Platform”.

While of course the question is pointed towards the Xbox One, we’d like to note that Spencer used the term “Xbox platform” rather than specifying which “Xbox platform” will it be. While of course, fans have been expecting Mouse and Keyboard support for the Xbox One, it is more likely that it may be slated for the Scorpio once it comes out later this year.

The Keyboard-Mouse versus Gamepad debate

While consoles are able to support the mouse and the keyboard as input devices through the use of third-party add-ons, they are not officially considered as supported input devices and has even sparked arguments within gaming communities as to how it adds an unfair advantage in multi-play for games such as First Person Shooters. Blizzard, the developer of the FPS title Overwatch, has gone far in this case as they have previously issued warnings towards console Overwatch players regarding the use of Mouse and Keyboard as input devices rather than the officially supported gamepads.

However, while many disapprove and frown upon the use of the Mouse and Keyboard on consoles for FPS, big developers such as Blizzard are only doing so simply because the said devices are not officially supported by console developers like Microsoft on the Xbox One and has even urged players to voice out their support for the use of the said peripherals on console platforms.

The Xbox Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s latest console development venture, is described by many as “the most powerful console ever built” as far as the old and latest console generations are concerned, boasting 6 teraflops of graphic processing power, partnered with an octa-core processor and promises to deliver true 4K gaming. The platform is still in the works with Microsoft issuing occasional info regarding how far they are into the development stage and is slated for release later this 2017.




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