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Blizzard’s Nate Nanzer talks about Overwatch League, discusses profit sharing system for pro players

Blizzard’s Nate Nanzer talks about Overwatch League, discusses profit sharing system for pro players

by LouisFebruary 24, 2017

Blizzard’s Global Esports Director shares a lot about their company’s plans for the upcoming Overwatch League.

Nate Nanzer, current director of Blizzard’s Global Esports division shares a lot of insight regarding the upcoming Overwatch League, which is Blizzard’s very own international pro event for their hit FPs title Overwatch.

First thrown in last year, the Overwatch Pro League pits teams from different cities and regions all around the world in an international display of skill which will be culminating in a main event with the winner to be held as the season’s best Overwatch pro team.

In an interview, which was held in South Korea and with the translation done by InvenGlobal, Nanzer states that the Overwatch League will most likely take place during Q3 of this year with the starting point being the acquisition of players and forming teams, building up to the regular seasons which will start by 2018. In regards to how the players are selected, Nanzer states that while there will be no actual drafting phase, team owners will have the rights to choose their players with plans to keep the players long term to also be implemented. Nanzer also adds that the finals will not just be held in BlizzCon as Blizzard plans to have it “held in a new city every year“.

As some of the most discussed aspects of the Overwatch League include Stability and Long Term, Nanzer states that Blizzard is looking into establishing “business models such as profits from ticket sales, merchandises, broadcasting right” and others with the possibility of “sales of seasonal Esports items or team related items with the teams” to also be considered.

But perhaps the most important question of all, why is Tracer the logo of the Overwatch League? Nanzer simply states that it’s because “Tracer is one of hallmark characters in OW so we thought people would be able to tell it is an OW league without reading the text” and to be honest, well, he is right about that.

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