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ASUS Philippines unveil their Kaby Lake-ready motherboard lineup, pricing starts at PHP 5,000

ASUS Philippines unveil their Kaby Lake-ready motherboard lineup, pricing starts at PHP 5,000

by LouisFebruary 13, 2017
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Planning on doing your Kaby Lake PC Upgrade? Then you might wanna check this out.

Computer hardware manufacturer ASUS has officially unveiled their Philippine lineup of Kaby Lake-ready motherboards with varieties ranging from entry level to enthusiast grade units under their main, ROG and TUF line.

Kaby Lake, the term for Intel’s new 7th Generation core processors was initially announced back in Aug 2016 and was officially released just last Jan 2017. ASUS’ Kaby Lake-ready lineup include their entry level Prime B250M A and goes up towards the Maximum IX Formula which is under their Republic of Gamers brand.

The ASUS Republic of Gamers Maximus IX Formula

The ASUS Republic of Gamers Maximus IX Formula, image by guru3D.

The motherboard line supports up to 64GB of DDR4 memory with frequencies of up to 4133 mhz, select boards also include Dual-GPU support for both NVIDIA, using SLI tech, and AMD on CrossFireX. The lineup will also employ M.2 Socket 3s for storage, together with standard SATA slots, and USB 3.1 slots for your external interface. As they are made for Kaby Lake, all boards will be utilizing the Z270 chipset, except for the Prime H270 and B250M which will be using the H270 and B250M chipsets respectively.

ASUS new Philippine lineup of Kaby Lake Motherboards will have a starting price of PHP 5,610.00 (~USD 112) and will soon be available in accredited ASUS stores and partners. Full specifications and comparison can be viewed over at through the following links: Republic of Gamers [link 1][link 2], Prime [link 1][link 2], TUF [link].

ASUS Kaby Lake-ready motherboards Philippine lineup and pricing

 ROG Maximus IX Formula PHP 23,540
 ROG Maximus IX Code PHP 21,490
 ROG Maximus IX Hero PHP 16,380
 ROG Strix Z270E Gaming PHP 12,960
 ROG Strix Z270F Gaming PHP 11,940
 ROG Strix Z270G Gaming PHP 13,640
 ROG Strix Z270H Gaming PHP 10,240
 TUF Z270 Mark I PHP 16,710
 Prime Z270-A PHP 11,940
 Prime Z270-K PHP 9,630
 Prime H270-Pro PHP 8,110
 Prime H270-Plus PHP 7,640
 Prime B250M-A PHP 5,610


  • All prices as SRP, actual retialctual retail prices may vary.
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