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Valve reveals a new event for Dota 2 called Dark Moon, new Winter Battle Pass items also previewed

Valve reveals a new event for Dota 2 called Dark Moon, new Winter Battle Pass items also previewed

by LouisJanuary 27, 2017
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Whoo-hoo new stuff!

Valve unveils a pleasant surprise for the Dota 2 community as they host an in-game event in-lieu with the Lunar New Year called the “Dark Moon”.

Starting today up until Feb 6, 2017, players can band together and defend a new object called “Selemene’s Temple” against waves of enemies in exchange for rewards. Much like its Diretide a special courier serves as an ultimate reward to players who will be able to defend against the most number of waves.

In addition to the new Dark Moon event, the initial contents of the Winter Battle pass is also previewed containing item sets for Elder Titan, Bounty Hunter, Clinkz, Troll Warlord, Ember Spirit, Lich, Visage, Witch Doctor, Pudge and Phoenix.

You can check out previews of some of the included item sets in the Winter Battle Pass below:

Warden of the Wyrmforge Shard – Elder Titan


Hunter’s Glory – Bounty Hunter


Imperious Command – Troll Warlord


Jiang Shi’s Revenge – Lich


Bearer of the Arkturan Talon – Witch Doctor


Writ of the Royal Butcher – Pudge


Vermillion Crucible – Phoenix

In addition to the Battle Pass cosmetics, the new item rewards for Winter’s Battle Pass quest paths are also previewed which includes rewards for Treant Protector, Zeus, and Anti-Mage.

Bark of the Ageless Witness/Dire Version – Treant Protector

Bark of the Ageless Witness/Radiant Version – Treant Protector


Bearing of the King Restored – Zeus


Fervent Conscript – Anti-Mage

The Winter Battle Pass is also now available for purchase in the Dota 2 store and will be available until April 24, 2017.

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