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Check out some of the Indie Mobile Games showcased in GMGC Manila 2017

Check out some of the Indie Mobile Games showcased in GMGC Manila 2017

by Jose Ricardo AspacioJanuary 18, 2017
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Looking for interesting mobile games to play? Then you might wanna check this list out.

Notice Me Senpai
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Skillshot Labs
Platforms:  Android,  iOS


Notice Me Senpai is what you get when you cross Neko Atsume with an Anime dating Sim. The game is all about collecting your “Senpais” for your newly opened café and building a relationship with all 100+ of them. Aside from decorating your café and refilling your coffee, you can also dress up your collected men in any way you want and The more you interact with them, the more they reward you. It’s a reverse harem game and is obviously aimed at the female gaming community but it can also be played by men without feeling weird.

Mighty Alpha Droid
Genre: Word
Developer: Popsicle Games
Platform: Android


Right off the bat, you can tell that the designs were inspired by CAPCOM’s Megaman but the game’s mechanic is very similar to games like Text Twist and Bookworm Adventures. I had to prepare myself before playing this game, due to the fact that I had to open my imaginary dictionary in my head and prepare words in a snap because of the game’s fast pace. Of course, there were times that the available letters aren’t enough to make any words unless I use a wild card which is a feature in the game wherein you can choose any letter of the alphabet to use for your next word, which adds a bit of a challenge. The game is still in closed beta although we are expecting a release on Android anytime soon.

Heroes Above
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Unlibox
Platform: iOS


A mobile title that already bears potential to become and eSport Heroes Above combines mechanics from games such as  Clash Royale and Plants vs. Zombies albeit with a higher learning curve. The goal is easy, board the enemy’s sky ship and crush their crystal while also defending your own. The game’s mechanic does include a “waiting” or “defense” time as you spawn your forces strategically while the ships get closer to each other, giving the tower defense feel before your troops rush into the enemy territory once the ships finally collide. Perhaps the only complaint that we have so far is that the game felt small since it was demoed on a smartphone but otherwise it’s a really exciting PVP title to take part in.

Aaron Ranch World
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Outresource Global Inc.
Platform: Android

Finally, a Sim game about breeding your own horse! Aaron Ranch World is all about horse racing, you train your horse to be the best, you pamper it, feed it, and spend time with it in an owner-horse kinda way. The game is still in beta and there’s still a lot of stuff to be added but hey, at least the game can run on 60 FPS on an Android so that’s kinda cool too.

Genre: Arcade
Developer: Nicolei Games
Platforms: Android


Imagine if you have a game that combines the mechanics of Flappy Bird and the minimalistic design feel of Crossy Road only that the bird is now a jeepney and the pipes are replaced by zigzagging roads. That’s what TsuperJeep is all about, simple mechanics, hard gameplay yet a rewarding experience, the goal is to collect coins while steering through a crazy zigzag road and of course dodging traffic. It makes a great time killer and since the collected coins can then be used to unlock new jeepney designs you might just wanna keep coming back for more until you’ve unlocked them all.

My Bakeshop 2 Hidden Object
Genre: Casual
Developer: Ralp Games
Platform: Android, iOS

Now this title had us scratching our heads during our first playthrough because we couldn’t distinguish a cupcake from a muffin simply because of how crisp the images look which is one attribute of a good hidden object game.Apart from telling which is a muffin and which is a cupcake, you can also customize your bakeshop to bring in more people and even customize cakes with your Cake Baker. The game features more than 300 levels and will give you a lot of stuff to do other than finding hidden objects so you might find yourself glued to it for quite some time.


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