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Why you should be at GMGC Manila 2017 this January

Why you should be at GMGC Manila 2017 this January

by LouisDecember 16, 2016

Love mobile games? Then my, have we got the perfect event for you.

The Global Mobile Games Confederation, otherwise known as GMGC, is now entering its 5th year ever since its inception back in September 2012 and has set their eyes in one of Asia’s booming markets for video games that is the Philippines. Happening this January 2017, GMGC will be having its conference in the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, as it invites some of the prominent names in the mobile game industry, developers, publishers, CEOs, together with the aspiring mobile game makers, and even celebrities.

Looking to start the Philippine calendar of gaming-related events (and hopefully becoming a regular thing), the Global Mobile Games Confederation has become one of the biggest gaming events in South East Asia, with its international stops including Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, Bangkok Thailand, and Singapore Singapore, and not only does it help bridge aspiring developers with established brands, but also provides a large insight of just how big Mobile Games are in terms of global presence.

So why should you be at GMGC Manila this January 2017? Here, we list down all the best reasons.


Filipinos have a real knack of meeting people from the show business regardless if they are a fan or not, but what better premise would there be than to meet a celebrity that also shares the same passion with you in regards to video games? GMGC Manila 2017 does not only bring actors and actresses, but rather, celebrities that are also ready to speak their mind regarding Creating Content and Gamification with the lineup to include Anne Curtis-Smith, Isabelle Daza, and even Alejandro “Kuya Kim” Atienza.



More insights on the sleeping giant that is Mobile Games

The global mobile game market is now being eyed as the whole of the gaming industry’s fastest growing segment with projected revenues for 2017 to reach up to USD 40 Billion, with the Smartphone users to take the lion’s share and addition to those numbers, it is also predicted that Mobile Games will account for a 38% share of the global video game industry. So how does one understand the gravity of those statistics especially for hopeful video game developers and designers who wish to tap into mobile games? Well, GMGC Manila had it covered by inviting some of the prominent and established names in the industry which include Mr. Henry Yeh, Managing Director of Mobile Game development and publishing company, Gumi Asia, largely known for their hit title Brave Frontier, Mr. Daniel Horan, Commercial Director of Globe, one of the Philippines biggest mobile and internet service provider, Mr. Vineet Tanwar of Google Play SE Asia’s Business Development and our very own Mr. Alvin Juban, President of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines.


Showcase the next mobile game hit

Of course, GMGC Manila 2017 will not just have the limelight centered at its established names as part of it will be shared towards the developers who will be showcasing their stuff at the event via the Indie Pitch Arena. Inviting independent mobile game creators with perks that not only include free areas for them to preview and demo their titles but also the chance to invite investors in possibly supporting the next mobile game hit, the GMGC Manila 2017 Indie Pitch Arena is bound to feature the Filipino developer’s talent, together with possible foreign delegations from our neighboring South East Asian countries and beyond.

For the love of mobile gaming

While it may feel like one of your formal events, GMGC Manila is ultimately a celebration of the Mobile Game culture and is a gathering of people who loves to spent part of their time glued to their smartphones and tablets as they tap away into fortifying bases, unleashing special attacks, going up a rank higher than your friends online, or to just simply take care of your virtual buddies. From the business-minded, to the aspiring game creator, or if you’re just someone who plainly loves to play on mobile, GMGC Manila 2017 will surely have something for you to forward to.

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