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Valve introduces new update to Dota 2, brings Talent tree system, UI changes and many more.

Valve introduces new update to Dota 2, brings Talent tree system, UI changes and many more.

by LouisDecember 12, 2016
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A whole new era begins for Dota 2.

A huge update is bound to come to Valve’s MOBA hit Dota 2 right after the Boston Major, the 7.00 patch is revealed and with it are a lot of changes to gameplay, heroes and even UI. Being the most awaited update by many Dota 2 fans after the announcement of a new hero called Monkey King, 7.00 completely overhauls Dota 2’s gameplay system by implementing a Talent System which lets players choose bonus abilities once their characters hit level 10, 15, 20 and 25 respectively.

A preview of Dota 2's new talent system.

A preview of Dota 2’s new talent system.

In addition to the Talent System, multiple changes to current heroes are also implemented in the update with notable ones include Riki’s new Aghanim’s upgrade which lets you hide allied heroes using your ultimate ability Tricks of the Trade, Sniper’s ultimate becoming an Area of Effect spell with Critical Damage, and rework on one of the game’s most loved hero, Techies. A Backpack system is also implemented which lets you carry extra items albeit their effects will not be active when inside the backpack allowing for item switching without returning to the base just to access the Stash.

UI Changes and Strategy Phase 

With a new huge update comes a huge revamp on the UI as Dota 2 removes a lot of the extra stuff on the Hud to make it feel more streamlined and increase the options of player movement as the map becomes more visible. The pick phase for the All Pick mode is also reworked with a Strategy Phase now included, which grants 30 additional seconds before the a match is live for players to choose their respective lanes and starting items.


The Arrival of the Monkey King

Perhaps one of the most awaited additions to the update is the arrival of Dota 2’s bona fide new hero, Sun Wukong the Monkey King. Becoming the first original hero to be added to the roster after DotA’s original hero lineup was completely ported into Dota 2, Monkey King will be playable once the update hits the main Dota 2 servers tomorrow, although players can now test him out using the Test Server.


All of the new changes in Dota 2’s 7.00 patched are now available through the Test Server with the Main server to roll out the update this Monday, Dec 12, 2016. The Test Server update is about 4GB in size with the main server update to be presumably larger, alternatively you can also read the full patch notes by visiting


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