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The glorious history of Gabe Newell

The glorious history of Gabe Newell

by LouisNovember 4, 2016
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PC gaming’s overlord celebrates his 54th birthday!  And with that we remember the shining highlights of his career and of course some of his dankest moments.

Lord Gaben, otherwise known as Gabe Logan Newell is largely credited for being one of the cornerstones of PC gaming, which was originally dominated by consoles and arcades, particularly during the 90s era. Born in Seattle, Washington, Gaben started his career with computer software after dropping out of Harvard and landing a job in Microsoft, which will eventually lead him to found his own company after years of hardwork which is the juggernaut that we now know as Valve.

While Valve may have been a little too short on its own developed video game titles, Gaben’s branchild, situated in Bellevue, Washington attributes a huge portion of its revenue through the digital distribution platform Steam which is still considered as the main hub of PC gamers from all around the world.

This November, Lord Gaben, together with the numerous members of the Glorious PC Master Race,  celebrates his birth, and with that we take a walk down memory lane to remember some of his glorious and dankest moments.

The Birth of PC Gaming, the future of entertainment.


Of course y’all remember DOOM right?

While people of the newer generation only know Gaben because of Steam, Gaben is also known to be one of the major figures behind the idea of playing video games on the Windows PC, a platform that was once only deemed as a workstation. Working as an employee of Microsoft back in the early 90s, Gaben started out by working on the development of some of the early version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, namely 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03, before finding his way to lead the team that will change the game for the Windows PC forever as they develop the official Windows port to the famous title Doom, which was then installed on more PCs via the DOS platform back in 1995. Gaben was then reported to have granted id Software, Doom’s creator, the source code to the Windows PC port which then started to lay the very foundations of PC gaming.

Valve, Gaben’s higher calling.

After successfully porting Doom and having worked for Microsoft for 13 years, Gaben established himself as a software millionaire and went on to create Valve Corporation, the juggernaut behind iconic game titles and franchises such as Half Life, Portal, Team Fortress and of course Dota 2. While they still have troubles counting to 3, and they obviously fall short when it comes to their own developed titles, Valve Corporation became a juggernaut with the birth of Steam in 2003. Steam is a digital distribution platform, that offers software distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer network and even social media networking functions which slowly, yet surely opened the digital age, wherein instead of lining up at stores to obtain physical copies, gamers can just login at Steam and use their credit cards to purchase digital copies of video games, most especially during the seasonal Steam sale.

Acknowledging peasantry (but making up years after, because you gotta have more friends, and Gaben is a generous lord)

gabe at E3

Gaben appearing at Sony PlayStation’s panel at E3 2010, making up for his previous statements and officially announcing Portal 2 for the PS3.

Now let’s face it, the PC and Console video game communities have long been at war against each other over which platform is the best for video games, as such Gaben will not be without his share on this console-versus-Glorious-PC war as he once expressed his displeasure over developing his software for the Console platform. Back in 2007 Gaben had called out the development process for consoles as a “waste of everybody’s time” and a “disaster on so many levels”. However, Gaben proves that he is a generous lord and offered to make up with the console peasants community in 2010 as he announced the official Portal 2 PlayStation 3 port in E3 2010.

You get a VR, you get a VR, everyone gets a VR!


So just how generous is Gaben? If you’re thinking generous enough to hand out free Vive VR headsets to event attendees at a VR summit then you are absolutely right as that is what Gaben actually did during the Unity Vision Summit earlier this year. In what everyone describes as an “Oprah Moment” Gaben shares his joy in developing new video games by handing out free HTC Vive VR headgear to the developers that were present during Unity Vision Summit to help encourage more people to not just try out but also create more titles for HTC and Valve’s Virtual Reality Project.

You are an ass.

Once in your life, you will mess up and think for yourself “wow, I really messed up” but you may never mess up the same way as popular Electronic Sports personality James “2GD” Harding durin the course of the already disastrous Shanghai Major. During the event, 2GD found himself suddenly fired by nothing more than the Gaben himself, with an announcement made via reddit post, which went as extreme as Gaben calling 2GD an “ass” and vowing to never work with him again.


The incident easily went down as one of the most ridiculous and perhaps an extreme moment in Electronic Sports history, and is also one of the shining and dankest moments in the ongoing career of the Glorious PC Master Race’s beloved Overlord Gabe Logan “Gaben” Newell.

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