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Is ActiVision Blizzard planning for an Overwatch TV Series?

Is ActiVision Blizzard planning for an Overwatch TV Series?

by LouisNovember 1, 2016

ActiVision Blizzard Studios co-president drops hints at possible TV or even film adaptation of the FPS hit.

Overwatch’s video game success might just translate into other forms of multimedia following the positive reception of ActiVision Blizzard’s latest video game-to-TV/web series adaptation Skylanders Academy which premiered last week over at Netflix.

In an interview with ActiVision Blizzard Studios Co-President Stacey Cher over at BBC’s Newsbeat, Cher reveals that they, ActiVision Blizzard, plans to do more of of the same adaptations as Skylanders with their other games such as Overwatch, StarCraft and maybe even Diablo, albeit they will be taking a more careful approach and try to pick the best medium that “best serves each franchise individually“.

We’re going to do more but we’re going to move very carefully and thoughtfully.

We’re going to pick the best medium be it film, TV or shorts – the one that best serves each franchise individually.

-Stacey Cher, Co-President, ActiVision Blizzard Studios

But what possible storyline will the Overwatch series adaptation or movie possibly follow should it become a reality? Fanfiction aside there are some interesting bits of story within the Overwatch lore like the sibling rivalry between Hanzo and Genji, Winston’s escape from the downfall of the Horizon Lunar Colony or maybe even the very origins of the Omnic Crisis which led to the inception of the global peacekeeping force known as Overwatch.

While still up in the air, the idea of Overwatch crossing over to the TV or Film medium (or maybe even both) is highly likely given the game’s overwhelming popularity, surpassing the 20-million player mark in less than a year after its release, and even managing to topple some of the biggest names in PC online titles like League of Legends in key regions or countries like South Korea.

Aside from the idea of an Overwatch TV/Film adaptation, ActiVision Blizzard Studios is also currently working on a film adaptation to the Call of Duty franchise and has also taken the reins of producing the next installment to cinematic adaptation of WarCraft.

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