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Ready for some Esports? Check out the list of Gaming Competitions at ESGS 2016

Ready for some Esports? Check out the list of Gaming Competitions at ESGS 2016

by LouisOctober 23, 2016
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From MOBAs, FPS titles, Sports Games and Fighting Games, if you’re an Esports fan then you’re sure to have something to enjoy at ESGS 2016.

The countdown to South East Asia’s biggest video game convention is already less than a week away before Day 1, and as the name itself screams the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit will not be without its share of competitive gaming showcases complete from popular genres like MOBA and FPS, and even Sports titles and Fighting Games.

While it is already a huge part of the Philippines’ very own video game event, this year’s esports showcase for ESGS continues to go bigger as it brings it more games, from more co-organizers, inviting more teams and players to be part of the big stage.

Note that the listed competitions are the confirmed ones only, as we still expect more tournament announcements even if we are only days away from ESGS Day 1.

MSI Sudden Death Tournament – LAN Finals


The LAN finals of MSI’s multiple-title tournament which will feature the top 4 competitors from its online qualifying tournaments for Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the MSI Sudden Death Tournament will have a total prize pool of PHP 72,000 and will feature the finals of different titles for each day of ESGS.

Featured Game titles:

  • League of Legends
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2


ESL Arena 


Following up on the success of prestige tournaments here in the Philippines such as ESL One Manila, ESL is back in the country once again, this time together with ESGS as they host the ESL Arena live at the event. Featuring multiple titles and bringing in top caliber players, the ESL Arena has also been part of other video game events hosted abroad like PAX West and Gamescom Germany.

Featured Game Titles:

  • TBA/Various




First saw the light of day back in 2015, the BrawlFest, a collective of tournaments from different Fighting game titles, and co-hosted by various Filipino Fighting Game communities, returns for one more year this ESGS. Brought together with the help of Pinoy PlayStation, Playbook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop, Imperium and Cosmic Gorgons, this year’s Brawlfest will feature classic FGs like Tekken and Street Fighter together with other popular games like Blazblue, Persona, Guilty Gear and  even Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost.

Featured Titles:

  • Tekken 7
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
  • Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
  • Blazblue Central Fiction
  • Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Mortal Kombat XL
  • Gundam Extreme versus Full Boost
  • King of Fighters XIV
  • Street Fighter V

The King of Iron Fist Tournament South East Asia – Philippine Qualifiers

king of iron fist

The first major tournament for Bandai Namco’s new installment to the Tekken series, Tekken 7 hits South East Asia and will be visiting the Philippines at ESGS 2016. The third country to receive a qualifier event for Tekken 7: The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016, the Philippine qualifier winners will then join their co-Tekken 7 pros from Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia in a chance to fly to Japan for the King of Iron Fist Finals this December 10, 2016.

Featured Game:

  • Tekken 7

The Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit 2016 will be this coming October 28-30 in the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila. Tickets are now available at SM Ticket outlets nationwide, and will also be sold on-site during the event day(s).

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