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[UPDATED] Check out the list of Indie Games to be showcased at ESGS 2016

[UPDATED] Check out the list of Indie Games to be showcased at ESGS 2016

by Louis Daniel AndresOctober 24, 2016
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Mainstream games are not the only ones to have the spotlight at ESGS 2016.

We are barely just days away from the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit and while well known video game publishers and developers such as Bandai Namco, Sony Interactive Entertainment and even Ubisoft have joined in on the ride, locally made independent video game titles are having their share of the spotlight as well in ESGS’ very own Indie Arena area.

Set to become more grandiose this year, the Indie Arena is back for another installment at ESGS and this time, will feature game titles from developers like Werold Studios, Senshi Labs, and Indigo Entertainment as they showcase their games games for the Mobile and PC platforms. Part of the ESGS Indie Arena’s feature is its “Indie Arena Game of the Year” award, which rewards the best indie video game title that is part of the showcase and is chosen by attendees.

Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit Indie Arena Independent Games Showcase

  • Adarna: Alamat ni Maria Blanca – Senshi Labs, PC
  • Agent Aliens – Indigo Entertainment, Mobile
  • Change Heroes – L3 Game Atelier, Mobile
  • Hello World – Ah Putek
  • High Noon Revolver – Mike Studios, PC
  • Hitogotchi+ – Veggiestew
  • Lost Castle – Hunter Studio, PC
  • Mokai Adventure – Werold Studios, Mobile
  • Play Day – Indigo Entertainment
  • Praesidium – Impact Games, PC
  • Purgatorium – Team Rage Quit
  • Shots Fired – Chryse, PC
  • Spectrum 6 – Dusky Drones, Mobile
  • Spellstrike – Sudden Interactive, PC
  • WARSTACHE – Figment Games, PC
  • Critical Ops – Critical Force, iOS, Mobile
  • Cognition Terra – Disaster Squad, PC, Mobile
  • DreadOut – Digital Happiness, PC
  • EggXEgg – Thundercat Games
  • Experiments in the Game Feel – Snack Studios
  • Flippy Bottle Extreme! – Most Played Games, Android, Mobile
  • Haywire Hospital – Coconut Island Studios, Android, iOS
  • Home Behind – ZPP, TPP, PC
  • Netherrealms – Springloaded, PC, Mobile, Handheld
  • Path of Badass – Beat Log Studios
  • Save the World: The (Mis)adventures of Luis and Joana – Muramasa Games
  • Seizmore Fin – Crimson Interactive Games
  • Shio – Coconut Island Studios, PC
  • Spell Weaver – Quazzic
  • The Ark – Lizard King
  • Thesision Making – Glasses Games
  • Tooth and Tail – Pocketwatch Games, PC
  • Tower Sales – Five Fingers
  • Sunless Sea: Zubmariner –  Failbetter Games, PC
  • Yurei Ninja – Fish Cracker Games, iOS, Mobile

The Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit 2016 will be held in the SMX Convention Center this October 28 to 30, 2016.

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