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Brave Frontier kicks off Halloween celebration with new Character Evolution and new Global Exclusive Unit

Brave Frontier kicks off Halloween celebration with new Character Evolution and new Global Exclusive Unit

by LouisOctober 28, 2016
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Gumi’s hit Mobile RPG Brave Frontier is not to be left out with the Spooky fest as they introduce new units and a lot of freebies.

The in-game Halloween festivities for Brave Frontier Global goes live today and aside from the usual item giveaways that players are bound to receive daily each time they login for as long as the fesitivity lasts, a new Character Evolution upgrades and as well as a new Global Exclusive is unlocked for players as well.

Starting this October 27 to November 8, players will be able to recruit the Omni Evolution version of the character Red Hood Ciara called Abyssal Witch Ciara.


Together with Ciara, a new Global Exclusive 7-star unit, Fallen Knight Galtier, will also be available for players to summon and collect for a limited time at Brave Frontier Global’s summon gates. Galtier will also have his Omni Evolution form readily available for players to upgrade to which is called Ruinous Despoiler Galtier.


Fallen Knight Galtier-7*


Ruinous Despoiler Galtier Omni Evolution

Together with the reveal of these new units, a limited-time Dungeon called Hellborn Nightmare which will feature both Ciara and Galtier will also be available for access to players where they can farm for materials which will be used to craft the Ominous Orb, Demonic Skull and other new Halloween spheres.

Brave Frontier Global’s Halloween celebration also occurs together with their 3rd Year Anniversary event which started  back in October 21 and will run until Decembe 9, and aside from the new Omni Evolution Character Abyssal Witch Ciara, Zenia will also be receiving her Omni Evolution form, together with a new unlockable in-game character art.


The 3rd Year Anniversary celebration will include the daily login campaign with additional rewards to players who will able to completely claim all of the daily giveways, these rewards will include Global Exclusive Elgifs which can be used to add special abilities to units, gems, summon tickets and a free unit of choice.

Brave Frontier is a Mobile RPG developed by A-Lim and is published globally by Gumi Asia. The game features a turn-based, tap-and-slide combat system and employs the rock-paper-scissors mechanic to open a wide variety of gameplay tactics. The game is originally released in Japan by A-Lim on July 2013 with the global release by Gumi on December 2013. The game is available for download on the Android via Google Play Store and for the iOS through the iTunes App Store.



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