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See you this weekend at the Manila Cup!

See you this weekend at the Manila Cup!

by Louis Daniel AndresSeptember 9, 2016
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Welcome to the Fighting Game version of Thrilla in Manila.

Filipino Fighting Game fans will once again gather under one roof to witness history in the making, and as well as mingle with international pros as the Manila Cup kicks off this Saturday, September 10, 2016. Held as part of the Asian Capcom Pro Tour, the Manila Cup will not only be a gathering of Fighting Game enthusiasts, but is also a chance for Pros to win and score ranking points in hopes to qualify for the global stage of the Capcom Cup this December.

Held for the second time this year, the Manila Cup is currently the Philippine Major Fighting Game tournament, sponsored directly by Capcom themselves with the highlight game being Street Fighter V.

But it’s not just about the games themselves, a number of well known Fighting Game Professionals have flown here in the Philippines to make their appearance at the Manila Cup, personalities such as on of the world’s top Street Fighter players, Evil Geniuses Justin “JWong” Wong, and Panda Global’s Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez.

The Manila Cup 2016 will feature 5 Fighting Game titles, and a total of PHP 150,000 in prizes with the Street Fighter V getting the lion’s share of PHP 60,000

Manila Cup 2016 Game Lineup

  • Street Fighter V
  • Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • Mortal Kombat XL
  • BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma Extend

International Participants

  • Justing “Jwong” Wong
  • Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez
  • Tatsuya “Haitani” Haitani
  • Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue
  • Ricki Sophie “Ricki” Ortiz
  • Kenneth “KBrad” Bradley
  • Nagata “Eita” Hiroyuki
  • Hiromiki “Itabashi Zangief” Kumada
  •  Martin “Marn” Phan
  • Mike “Mike Ross” Ross
  • Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi
  • Bruce Yu-lin “GamerBee” Hsiang

The Manila Cup 2016 will be held in the Acropolis Clubhouse, Libis, Quezon City and will run from September 10 to 11, 2016.  The event’s doors will open to spectators as early as 10:00 AM for both days, whereas stream schedules and channel(s) will be posted via the Manila Cup 2016 Event Social Media Page.

This year’s Manila Cup is organized together with  Electronic Sports organization Imperium, who is also known to host numerous Fighting Game tournaments and home to Filipino pros from different game titles..


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