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Owned by a Gloves-Tango Sniper, the Battle Fury Medusa and other crazy Dota stories

Owned by a Gloves-Tango Sniper, the Battle Fury Medusa and other crazy Dota stories

by LouisSeptember 10, 2016
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You don’t just play Dota, Dota also plays you.

Dota 2, the popular Action RTS title by Valve, has its roots traced to what was once a map mod for Blizzard’s WarCraft III named Defense of the Ancients. Being hailed as a video game that spawned its own genre that will be copied and adaptaed by other titles in the future, the competitive title has grown from having only a handful community players building the game up to being a full blown Esport that awards tens of millions of dollars each year from various Online and LAN tournaments.

Now apart from the competitiveness that the game offers, perhaps one amazing trait that Dota 2 offers is the value of entertainment that one can draw, not just from playing the game but also from observing its community, tales of development giants fighting over the notion if the game and genre should ever be copyrighted, the seasonal exchange of salt by pros over social media, and even Lord Gaben going as far as calling someone an ass over prod work, crazy stories are part of both DotA and Dota 2’s history, and one might even call it part of the foundation for the game’s success.

We got owned hard by a Sniper in Pub using Gloves+Tango

Now Sniper, on good hands, is a good Dota 2 hero, maybe above average on the potential damage output due to his high range and annoying single target movement control. While not everyone may agree that he isn’t the worst in the pool, he certainly might not be the best as his low starting stats turn him into practically paper and as he lacks innate mobility or escape abilities, he can easily turn into a walking gold source as, perhaps, only a single disable would be enough to take him down.

But that will not be the case for this Player, no sir. This guy right here shares his story about how his team got “owned so hard” by a Sniper whose starting item set includes on Gloves of Haste and a Tango, which back then costs 590 Gold and enough to eat up one’s starting income in a 5-on-5 match which only amounts to 600 Gold. While the continuation of the story did state that Sniper was able to build up Hands of Midas, Threads, Basher, Eye of the Skadi and Mask of Madness, the idea of being owned by a Sniper whose starting hand includes Gloves and Tango still baffles the minds of people these days with a recurring “lolwut?”

Still, the topic was able to incite healthy discussion, with people pointing out just whatever is wrong in Sniper’s item build, discussing other possible item combinations and even throwing in a Battle Fury for Sniper, because you know’ mana regen.

Battle Fury can now do what Linken’s Sphere does!

Okay, now this one is still from PlayDota, the thread’s origins focused on theorycrafting builds for Medusa, one of Dota 2’s most farm reliant heroes, which tries to replace the rather defensive approach of rushing a Linken’s Sphere by going offensive with a, you guessed it, Battle Fury.

He’s on to something, I swear.

Okay, now before you go and login to try it out in the game let’s just do some basic theorycrafting first, Linken’s Sphere currently grants 15 to all Attributes, an additional 6 points of HP regeneration per second, 15 on the attack damage and 150% on the Mana Regen which helps support Medusa’s Mana Shield making her last a little longer on teamfights, plus the passive Spell Block, Battle Fury on the other hand  while still giving the same amount of HP and Mana regeneration grants an additional 55 points in Damage albeit without the stats, and the Cleave passive only works for Melee heroes, so why Battle Fury over Linken’s?

The guy seems to also hate Manta Style.

The guy also seems to hate Manta Style.

Going further down the thread, there seems to be more hate for the Manta, and even the Butterfly and more proof that the Battle Fury is the better choice, why?



When you’re having that Dota 2 kink.

Now this one is first posted on 4chan’s boards about 2 years ago and spread over other websites such as reddit. While without a doubt Female characters in video games, even Dota 2 are designed to look hot or at least have some sort of appeal whether they’re wearing bits of cloth or clad in pieces of armor.

Numerous fanart and even cosplay attempts, searchable over the internet, that are threading the realm between sexy and straight up porno may be enough to generate wild thoughts  but perhaps none of it would end up having a crazy story like this one from anon.

Clink on the image to view it in original size.

Clink on the image to view it in original size.

Sometimes I make custom lobbies in Dota 2. I enable cheats and lock the room, making the team just myself andthe enemy team 1 unfair bot.
I start the game and then remake the lobby until the enemy bot randoms to Drow Ranger.
Then I play normally til around level 6, maybe get a kill or two. Then I suicide a bunch of times and use cheats to give her a large level advantage. Sometimes I also give her an OP item for that stage in the game like an early Daedalus, but more often a Blink dagger.
I keep suiciding until I am 100% sure there is no way I can win the game anymore. Then I start playing my absolute best to win, knowing it’s impossible.
Of course at this point Drow is so strong she absolute wrecks my s*** no matter what I try to do. This gives me a boner of immense proportions and I imagine her knowing me down and stepping on my p**** as she destroys my ancient.

Perhaps anon may have continued to live this way up until today, or perhaps he has found his Drow Ranger that would “destroy his ancient” whether in the game or in real life, we will never know, but nevertheless godspeed you magnificent basterd.

Don’t use any active skills when you’re playing against Rubick and Silencer.

Dota 2 casters have always been the spice of every major tournament, with the players being the salt, and the game the sauce, wherein together they cook up the magnificent dish that we call Entertainment. But as soon as the pro season ends and everyone’s focus is on the roster shuffles, our beloved voices and faces behind each match that we gladly listen to in hopes of finding fresh, dank, memes, are not to be left out in enjoying themselves within Dota 2’s pubs.

So how do Casters play Dota 2 you ask? Simple logic, doing what’s right and reacting to what the enemy decides, for example, drafting a massive AoE based lineup against a Silencer and a Rubick and using, or at even putting a level on your active abilities, investing all of your skill points in passives.

Wait what?


They won, so any argument that it won’t work is automatically invalid.

Happened just days ago, popular Dota 2 casting personalities, Johnathan “PimpmuckL” Liebig, Charlie “Charlie” Yang, William “Blitz” Lee, Austin “Capitalist” Walsh, and Kevin “Purge” Godec decided to play AoE heavy heroes such as Luna, Enigma and Tidehunter against a Silencer and Rubick and went on to not use any of their active abilities throughout the game, why? Because what’s the use of your Eclipse, Ravage and Black Hole if the enemy Rubick will only steal it or Silencer just uses Global Silence to stop your combo, you just could not risk the fight turning around, and so that’s what they did.

The game was originally streamed over at Blitz‘s Twitch page and lasted for 20 minutes in which the Casting team won with a final score tally of 32-20, with Purge‘s right-click Enigma netting 7 kills for the Casting team. A VOD of the match is available at Capitalist‘s YouTube Channel in all of its full length glory for you to enjoy in case you missed this epic, crazy moment in history.

On whether its dank memes, player salt, or crazy tales such as these, Dota 2 never runs out of entertaining bits and pieces that’s not just all about the celebrities, there are still a lot of tales like these out there waiting to be shared and “meh”-ed upon, and perhaps you’ll find your own epic, which you could pass down to generations to come once you log back in and continue your struggle to get out of 2K, just kidding, we all know how you’re really 5K and just stuck with noobs who can’t support your PA mid.

Now get on the game and create your own epic fellow obviously high MMR Dota 2 player.

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