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MSI debuts the VR One, a VR ready PC on a backpack.

MSI debuts the VR One, a VR ready PC on a backpack.

by LouisSeptember 13, 2016
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The VR One let’s you experience Virtual Reality “free from the restraint of cables” all while carrying an 8 pound backpack.

Manufacturers have long been playing around the idea of a VR Backpack which is technically a PC System unit equipped with the latest hardware, built on a case with straps that you can carry around. Just early this year, a couple of manufacturers, including MSI have been showcasing the possibility of backpack Virtual Reality whose biggest benefit is minimizing the wire count which is a pretty big nuisance especially when it comes to the room VR experience as you are either limited by the scope of distance due to the wire length or worse trip and fall over as you step on cables.

Now, at the Tokyo Game Show 2016, MSI finally debuts their finalized product for the Backpack VR concept, which they call the VR One, which is described to be the lightest backpack VR system, that also offers the highest performance.

VR One

Weighing at 3.6 Kg (~8 lbs), the VR One is equipped with a 10-series GeForce GTX GPU and will run for up to 1.5 hours when fully charged. As they have released their line up of VR-ready notebooks during their 30th anniversary, it can be said that perhaps the tech and build design behind the VR One maybe highly compared to their new VR notebook line, making it more lighter than their previously showcased VR backpack back at Computex 2016, which many described as a PC whose case itself is the shape of a backpack.

The VR One is optimized for the HTC Vive and supports hot swapping for each of its 2 batteries, although, you would want to swap them one at a time for very obvious reasons while your machine is running. While no actual specifications have been revealed just yet, we speculate that the VR One, just like MSI’s other VR ready products may come with different iterations based on the major parts that are included in each possible package. More news such as the actual product specifications, package inclusions, pricing and release is expected to come out in the next few weeks.

MSI VR One Quick Specifications
Note: Actual product specifications may differ

Graphics GeForce GTX 10-Series GPU
Display Ports HDMI x1
Mini Display Port x1
Ultra Speed Thunderbolt3 by Type C x1
I/O Ports USB 3.0 x3
Runtime 90 Minutes
Acoustics 40 dBA
Weight With Batteries, fully charged

  • 3.6 Kg

Without batteries

  • 2.2 Kg
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