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What Trainers need to know about Pokemon GO

What Trainers need to know about Pokemon GO

by Louis Daniel AndresAugust 8, 2016
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Niantic’s much awaited adaptation to the Pokemon GO franchise is finally out in Pinoyland after a month of staying within western borders, but amidst the hype, here’s a quick list of everything that you need to find out about this new mobile craze.

Pokemon GO is Niantic Games’ hit adaptation and a new addition to a long line of Pokemon games which was noted for its usage of the Augmented Reality concept which “spawns” Pokemon in real world locations for players to catch, train and battle using their Android or iOS devices.

Already anticipated since the gameplay was first revealed to the world back in 2015, Pokemon GO started its limited release last July 6, 2016 with the first countries to be graced by its presence being Australia, New Zealand and the United States, before expanding further into western territories such as the United Kingdom in July 14, and towards the larger part of Europe in July 16.

Earlier this month, Niantic has initiated Pokemon GO’s Asia Pacific release, with the Philippines, together with neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore finally getting their hands on the much awaited mobile craze.

But before you grab your hats, strap on your backpacks and explore the world, or at least the Philippines in search for Pokemon, here are a few tips and bits of information that you, the Filipino Trainer, would need to know before you hit the streets with Pokemon GO.

There will be bugs and other issues

And we're not just talking about Butterfree

And we’re not just talking about Butterfree

Ever since its limited launch to western territories, Pokemon GO has been peppered with complaints due to numerous issues involving bugs and glitches. Server outages, authentication problems and the game’s GPS not syncing properly with your device or location are some of the known problems surrounding Pokemon GO. Perhaps the most infamous of them all is what was called the “Three Step Glitch” which stemmed from the game’s footstep feature which shows how close a player is to a Pokemon from zero to three footprints which denote distance, the glitch resulted in the feature to be stuck at 3 footprints, making tracking practically inaccurate, Niantic has said to have been working on a fix for the bug but has also reportedly disabled its footprint feature altogether making tracking down Pokemon even more difficult as the distance indicator is totally absent from the game.

Exploiting bugs and using unauthorized 3rd Party Apps can get you banned.
Plus it will make you look like a douche

One should know better than to use and exploit bugs.

One should know better than to use and exploit bugs.

One of the ways some people got their hands on Pokemon GO even before its release to outside territories was through the use of GPS spoofing applications which you can use to trick the application regarding your real world location and sends a request to the server to spawn Pokemon even if you’re area is still not part of the official release. With the existence of such exploit Niantic has also announced that they are taking action against bug and exploit users, such as those who use GPS spoofing applications by issuing bans to guilty players. However, the bans may only last for one hour when initially caught however heavier sanctions are to be in effect should a player is found to be a repeat offender.

In addition to GPS hacks, numerous exploits in Pokemon GO have been abused by those who do not wish to spend a dime in the game while wishing to be “the best like no one ever was”. As much as we want to enjoy something for free, perhaps a way to show support a product such as a video game is to appreciate the effort of people, particularly the devs who work round the clock solving problems such as bugs and exploits, and reporting any problems instead of exploiting them, as so they can provide a quality product in which everyone can hopefully enjoy, while it’s easy to factor out the usage of exploits to gain “must be bought” features by saying “these devs earn millions already“, one also needs to consider the upfront costs of conceptualizing, developing and marketing a video game title, and as to why some developers, big or small, need to earn in order to recuperate the cost, and hopefully create more games such as sequels or new titles afterwards for its fans.

Pokemon don’t spawn in Caves


But that doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter a Zubat

Pokemon GO’s technology employs the usage of Global Positioning System in order to pinpoint Pokemon in the real world, and while the anime series has thought us you can catch rare Pokemon in caves as long as you avoid the swarm of Zubats, you’d have to take note that wherever location GPS won’t work, then you’re most likely to never find Pokemon there. Reports of players who are lost at cave systems and requiring rescue such as the teens from Wiltshire UK has spawned during the course of Pokemon GO’s initial run which will lead us to leave this reminder again that Pokemon will not be spawning in caves or in any area where GPS hardly or never work.

There are no legendary Pokemons yet.
That includes Mewtwo


We believe that most of them are still too busy flying around avoiding to be caught.

Just last week news of legendary Pokemon Articuno being caught in Ohio, USA surfaced on the web the players were initially thought to have broke through the game’s code in order to insert Articuno into their accounts, however Niantic has stated that this was due to an error on their side which resulted in Articuno being inserted into some player accounts and has since then removed the said legendary Pokemon in sense of “fairness”, while also sadly suffering from a backlash from players. While online communities, clickbait websites and meme fanpages state give out guides as to how to catch Mewtwo, as of the moment, Pokemon GO officially lists only 142 total Pokemon waiting to be captured, from the original 151 list, and each Pokemon is presumed to have has its own rarity tier which denotes their chances of spawning.

While legendaries, Mew, Mewtwo and even Ditto are yet to come out, many assume that these Pokemons maybe launched via an event in the near future, a possibility which was also hinted at the near-end part of the original Pokemon GO trailer.

In order to help players assess each Pokemon rarity, reddit user RotomGuy has listed down Pokemon rarity tiers starting from normal to mythical and even Pokemon that are only limited to specific regions and countries, note that this chart is only based on RotomGuy’s own findings and may never be 100% accurate.

Additional note: Be reminded that this list was first made back in July 17, 2016 and has not yet updated since then.

Additional note: Be reminded that this list was first made back in July 17, 2016 and has not yet updated since then.

Stay safe, and Have Fun!


Go on your journey Filipino trainer, adventure awaits!

Ultimately, Pokemon GO is a video game, and video games are meant for you to have fun! As you meet quirks, and issues along the way it is also important to consider personal safety especially when going into areas that are known to be den of shady and non-friendly characters. Only take out your devices when your absolutely sure that your safe to do so and be extra mindful of your surroundings not just against hoodlums but also of other people, who may bump into you while your attention is fully focused on finding Pokemon.

Now go on Filipino trainer, start on your adventure to catch them all and be the very best like no one ever was!

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