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TI6 Compendium Predictions : The Results so far – Heroes

TI6 Compendium Predictions : The Results so far – Heroes

by LouisAugust 7, 2016
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The groupstages have ended, the qualifiers are done, and as we wait for the main event to commence, perhaps it is time to check as to how our Compendium Predictions results are looking, halfway through TI6.

The Compendium is a very unique crowd-funding tool for Dota 2 which was first initiated by Valve back in 2013 for the third iteration of the The International Dota 2 Championships and since then has become one of the most anticipated add-on of every TI year and the Majors tournament series, which has their own compendium-esque feature called the Battle Pass, mainly due to its included limited edition items such as hero sets, pets, weather effects and other cosmetics.

This year, the TI6 Compendium, or more specifically now called the TI6 Battle Pass in which the compendium is included, has helped TI reach a current total of $19,988,175 in Prize Pool making it once again the largest single game tournament prize pool in Esports history. One of the very features of the Compendium involves the interactive predictions in which players can predict winners of certain categories for teams, heroes and players like “the team with most kills”, “player with the highest farm”, “the most picked hero”, and ultimately the TI Champion.

As TI reaches its main event stage, and looking back at the predictions last Manila Major, it maybe safe to say that at this some predictions may already be broken as the recent variety and the air of unpredictability bought, not only by the current metagame, but also the caliber of teams that are participating in TI, and with that in mind, let’s all take a look at the Compendium Prediction results at this stage of TI so far before we hit the main event.

Hero Predictions

Picked, banned, contested, the hero pool of every TI grows exponentially every year, with the teams and players always at the ready with new lineups and pocket strategies. This year’s Compendium predictions for heroes include aspects such as Farming, Winning, Supporting and Survival together with the usual “most banned” or “most picked” categories.

The tournament favorite – Most Picked


1st. Mirana, the Priestess of the Moon
Picked 66 times in the tournament

Runners up:

Batrider2nd. Batrider, 65 picks Ogre Magi3rd. Ogre Magi, 46 Picks

The recent addition of Mirana to the list of heroes that are granted the Aghanim’s Scepter buff may have somehow helped in her topping the list as the most picked hero in TI6. Granted the periodical automatically cast Starstorm when getting the Aghs, it has helped increased Mirana’s usability whether played as a support or as a core, as showcased by players such as EG‘s Suma1L, and Execration’s Kimo, whose clutch teamfight appearance after gettin the Aghanim’s Scepter nearly clinched Xtcn a TI spot by winning against compLexity in the Wildcard rounds.

Too problematic to be up against – Most Banned

Io1st. Io, the Wisp
Banned by teams 70 times in the tournament

Runners up:

2nd. Elder Titan, 63 picks 3rd. Drow Ranger  57 Picks

Io’s strength has long been misunderstood by most players, as he falls generally on the unpopular heroes list, together with the likes of the most banned hero category’s 2nd placer, Elder Titan. However, in the pro leagues, Io’s global presence, and compatibility with nearly all offensive carries, especially in the hands of Chinese teams, was able to help him gain all the respect of becoming TI’s most hated hero to go up against with.

The most victorious – Highest Winrate

Lone Druid1st. Sylla the Lone Druid
Won ~90% of his Games in the tournament

Runners up:

2nd. Bristleback,~80% Winrate 3rd. Puck, ~80% Winrate

The double team advantage of Lone Druid may have seen its best days at TI as Sylla and his bear gain the highest winrate percentage of an estimated 90% of his games. Both Bristleback and Puck will tail him closely though as both heroes are tied in their winrate percentage, with Kunkka sitting below both at 70%.

Going for the gold – Highest Average Gold Per Minute

1st. Razzil the Alchemist
Reached an average of 850 GPM

Runners up:

Lone Druid2nd. Lone Druid, 672 GPM 3rd. Anti Mage, 664 GPM

Greed has been kind for the like’s of Alchemist as he sits on a comfortable top spot for heroes with the highest Gold Per Minute Average in the tournament. The joint damage of Radiance builds and prioritizing Acid Spray to clear creepwaves and feed gold to the Goblin’s Greed ticker makes an undisputable gold generating combination that places Razzil on the top spot of high-gold generating heroes, without Lone Druid or even Anti Mage coming close.

Farm, farm, farm – Highest Last Hit Average

1st. Anti-Mage
Average last hit count: 536

Runners up:

2nd. Naga Siren 435 Last Hits 3rd. Morphling, 408 Last Hits

While Alchemist may sit at the top of the Highest Average GPM category, he will be of no match to the Anti-Mage when it comes to the greed for last hits as Anti Mage sits at an average of 536 creep kills for all his games. His advantage in Base Attack Time, great mobility, plus the habit of Battle Fury powered farming makes AM a lean mean creep killing machine that even Naga Siren’s Illusion-based push partnered with Rip-tide and Radiance cannot match up as the Slithereen siren who only sits at 435.

Out for blood – Highest Kill Average

1st. Ulfsaar the Ursa Warrior
Killed an average of 11.0 enemy heroes

Runners up:

2nd. Queen of Pain, 9.8 Kills 3rd. Slark, 9.0 Kills

Brother bear Ursa was never the type to be kind to his enemies and that is proved once again in TI6, sitting at 11.0, Ursa will claim the current top rank for the average most number of hero kills in his games, followed by Queen of Pain sitting at 9.8. The numerous appearances of the hero in TI6 is also worth noting as Ursa is picked 13 times this week during the course of the Wildcards and the Groupstages, and has also reached a ~69% win rate in all his matches.

Survivability is the key – Lowest Death Average

Lone Druid1st. Sylla the Lone Druid
Only died and average of 1.6 times

Runners up:

2nd. Slark,  3.0 Deaths 3rd. Queen of Pain, 3.0 Deaths

Aside from sitting at the top of the list for heroes with the highest winrate, Lone Druid will also find himself on top of another list that recognizes survivability as he is at the top of heroes for havin the lowest death average. Even the mobility of both Slark and Queen of Pain, who is at 2nd and 3rd place both with 3.0 respectively, proved to be no match for Sylla and his Bear whose high beef, plus added pseudo crowd control through Savage Roar managed to help him and his bear escape the clutches of death numerous times.

Never gonna let you down – Highest Assist Average

1st. Undying, the Almighty Dirge
Assisted on kills 16.8 times

Runners up:

2nd. Kunkka,  16.1 Assists 3rd. Bounty Hunter,15.5 Assists

Undying will surely never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around or dessert you when you need it most as the undead zombie lord scores an average of 16.8 assists from all of his matches in The International. Spreading his damage across the battle through the help of his zombies scoring multiple assists per game may not be as hard as it seems on Undying although he is followed closely by Admiral Kunkka with a score of 16.0 and whose damage spread through Torrent, Ghost Ship and even the Tidebringer, may match, if not surpass the Dirge’s capability.

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