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Maguss is the Harry Potter equivalent to Pokemon GO

Maguss is the Harry Potter equivalent to Pokemon GO

by LouisAugust 13, 2016

Magic wands? Check. Fighting Magical Monsters? Check. Augmented Reality Exploration Mobile Game? Definitely Check.

Potterheads and other magic-loving folk will now have something to look forward to for mobile game titles in the form of Maguss, the mobile game augmented reality project inspired by the universe of Harry Potter and shares the phenomenal concept of Niantic’s hit title Pokemon GO.

While the game’s trailer may have just been uploaded a few days ago, Maguss is reported to be in active development for 2 years or since 2014, making it more or less a year older than  Pokemon GO in case people want to claim that this was a reactive release because of the current hype.

Maguss describes itself as an “AR mobile game which allows you to walk and explore the Earth while experiencing and living in the Fantasy at the same time“. Integrating real world maps and filling it with magical treasures and creatures, Maguss invites players not only to discover them, but to craft items, research and study these digital..err, magical beings and engage in combat against magical creatures or against other players.

Concept for one of many of Maguss's magical beings.

Concept for one of many of Maguss’s magical beings.

Staying true to its magical inspiration, much of Maguss’s gameplay involve tracing spell runes using your mobile device, or doing hand gestures using the Maguss wand, the official add-on device that looks and acts like a real magic wand, to cast spells during combat in the magical arena.

Maguss Wand

And yes, Maguss even has its own Battle Arena.

The Wand however has sadly not been successfully funded via Kickstarter  but nevertheless, Maguss’ creators plan to release it, although they did emphasize that even without the Wand, players will still be able to enjoy the game.

While its fans have been calling it the nickname “Harry Potter GO” due to sharing a lot of similarities to Pokemon GO, and also since it was marketed greatly to the fans of the Harry Potter franchise, Maguss’ creator Ondrej Tokar reminds everyone that the game is in no way directly or indirectly related to the Harry Potter franchise, nor is a Harry Potter game.

Maguss is now reportedly halfway through its development phase, with the wand and combat systems already put into place. However, it may need more help before its official release and Tokar’s team is now planning to set up another crowdfunding campaign as to finally complete their mobile augmented reality title.

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