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For Honor MP Modes, Hero details and Collector’s Case revealed

For Honor MP Modes, Hero details and Collector’s Case revealed

by Louis Daniel AndresAugust 18, 2016
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Got hold of fresh info for For Honor straight out of Gamescom.

Ubisoft’s newest IP For Honor, an action adventure title centered on the conflict between 3 factions, Knights, Vikings and Samurais, in what seems to be a perpetual battle for dominance over a war-torn world, unveils more details regarding its playable characters, multiplayer modes today at Gamescom much to the delight of its anticipating players.

Slated for release this February 2017, For Honor will feature 12 different playable characters, with 4 types for each of the featured factions. The character types include the Vanguard class, Assassins, a Heavy Class, and Hybrids, each with offering different variations in playstyle.

  • Vanguard – well balanced types that offer a good mixture between offense and defense.
  • Assassin – Great offense class catered for swift playstyles.
  • Heavy – The “tank” class, has great amount of resistance with slow yet deadly attacks.
  • Hybrid – Character class that offer mixed features of other classes, geared towards unconventional tactics and versatile play.

Aside from its single player story campaign, For Honor will also feature 5 different multiplayer combat modes, from 1-versus-1 to 4-versus-4 PVP setups ranging from classic duels to objective based gameplay.

  • Duel – 1-versus-1 PVP match
  • Skirmish – 4-versus-4 Team Deathmatch
  • Elimination – 4-versus-4 with a “Last Man Standing”victory condition
  • Dominion – 4-versus-4 Objective Control
  • Brawl – 2-versus-2 PVP match.
For Honor wants you to Git Gud

For Honor’s different PVP modes wants you to Git Gud

In addition to the revealed details for For Honor’s character classes and Multiplayer modes, a new Collector’s Case for For Honor is also unveiled by Ubisoft and is set to become available exclusively via Uplay which will include the game’s Gold Edition, the full Season Pass, and 1/3 scale collectibles of For Honor’s Faction helmets.

For Honor Collectors Case

For Honor Collector’s Case Inclusions

  • For Honor Gold Edition Content + Season Pass
  • Collector’s Case
  • Exclusive Lithography
  • Original Game Soundtrack
  • 1/3 Scale For Honor Viking, Knight and Samurai faction helmets and stand.

Ubisoft now also sets the date for a Closed Alpha test this coming September 15-18, 2016 and interested players can sign up now using their UPlay accounts for a chance to test the game in the coming month. For Honor is Ubisoft’s newest action title, featuring  hack-and-slash elements in a medieval battleground setting, the game is set for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms this coming February 14, 2017.

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