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Everything we know so far about Dota 2’s New Hero, Sun Wukong

Everything we know so far about Dota 2’s New Hero, Sun Wukong

by LouisAugust 15, 2016
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Nyx out for Harambe.

After 6 long years, we may finally say that Dota 2 is out of its “beta” phase as after the release of the last hero to complete the full roster, Underlord, we get a tease for the newest warrior to enter the game through the form of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.

Brief History

Wukong’s Dota 2 reveal took place at the lower bracket semis of Valve’s the The International Dota 2 Championships 2016, already rumored to be the next and first new hero in line for Dota 2, Wukong first made appearance on a mini-game or quest on Defense of the Ancients 6.79 patch. Upon completing the mini-quest, Wukong will reward the player a powerful item called the Genuine Monkey King Bar which gives uber stats and damage.

The item is also known for its other name: InstaWin.

The item is also known for its other name: InstaWin.

Image Source: Dota Utilities


The Monkey King is inspired from a character of the same name from the Chinese classical novel, Journey to the West, the novel depicts Sun Wukong as being radical enough to rebel against heaven which in turn resulted in his imprisonment until a monk, Xuanzang, invited him to join the journey to India in order to retrieve the Buddhist Sutras. Other than the hero, an item in the game also draws obvious inspiration from the novel, the weapon Monkey King Bar, which is based on Sun Wukong’s 17,550 lb staff. The character has been depicted numerous times in other games and even in pop-culture.

Statistics and Abilities

While not much has been revealed for Sun Wukong yet when it comes to statistics and abilities, a salvaged screenshot from, the former official DotA website, gives us good tidbits about what to expect on his actual stats and abilities. The reveal video for the hero itself might also be compared to the listed abilities on the PlayDota screenshot, which can also be easily compared to Phantom Lancer’s skill set, making us assume that perhaps both heroes are closely related lore-wise.

Note that as the actual page is currently inaccessible, all that is listed in here as Sun Wukong’s statistics and abilities are to fall in the realm of rumors.

Base Stats

Str Icon

STR: 19 + 1.9 Per Level

Agi Icon

AGI: 23 + 2.55 Per Level

Int Icon

INT: 19 + 1.9 Per Level

Skillset Overview

Skill Name Quick Description
Echo Sweep Unleashes a spirit that sweeps the ground, dealing damage and striking foes with a single attack from an illusion.

Performs a quick dash, leaving behind a trail of illusions to attack everyone in your wake.
Nimble Nimbus Sun Wukong and his illusions have a chance to vault over their target on each hit, swapping positions and spinning enemies to face away Sun Wukong after the flip, while he is turned to their backs.
Cloud Dance Targets a hero to be immobilized as Sun Wukong performs a sky high somersault off a cloud then crashes back down surrounding his target with 3 more illusions covering 4 sides, all attacking the target 3 times.

Staying true to his trickster nature, all of Sun Wukong’s abilities are based on illusions and high mobility, being said heroes that kill illusions easily, or deal great AoE and crowd control could be the very bane of Sun Wukong in the game. His skill set may also depict that he is fit on the Position 2 role, which is commonly placed at mid, rushing his levels plus early cores and proceed to create plays throughout the map.

His Abilities based on the Trailer

Again, the listed abilities from the PlayDota screenshot may not be the final build of Sun Wukong as the reveal trailer showcases some different abilities, for instance, the “sky high somersault” ended in an ability effect similar to Thunderclap which deals small AoE damage and a slow effect in a small radius. A knockback-esque ability is also featured when he flicked Beastmaster from behind, whereas what looks to be his ultimate is summoning Illusions to overrun enemy units by stepping on them and slowin them down.

The New Journey 

To celebrate his arrival, Dota 2 is looking to host a New Journey event, which can be compared to its previous in-game seasonal events, Diretide for Halloween, Frostivus for Winter and the New Bloom festival for Spring. The New Journey may possibly have the Journey to the West novel as its central theme, and may perhaps include an escort-type quest or maybe even a rescue quest that can either be playable with the Monkey King or will “unlock” the Monkey King just as the previous Wraith King event.

Sun Wukong is expected to arrive sometime later this year during the Fall, and most likely will before the first Major this December, as the post TI patch is already expected to be in the works, preparatory updates are now presumed to be included in updates coming in the near future, with the major overhaul to hopefully finally include Dota 2’s first new hero.

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