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Reintroducing Pit Lord: Vrogros the Underlord

Reintroducing Pit Lord: Vrogros the Underlord

by LouisJuly 30, 2016
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Prepare for nightmares, tales of flaming rain and 5-man teleports.

Vrogros the Underlord, originally known as Azgalor the Pit Lord in Defense of the Ancients, is what is now the most anticipated next hero in line arrive in the world of Dota 2. Considered by most as one of the most fearsome siege kits on the right hands, the Underlord great excels in disruptive teamfights, clearing creep waves and burning down enemy units, as well as the surprise initiation factor when contesting for important objectives such as Roshan’s Aegis.

Pitlord Model

Who let Slardar fat? Pit Lord’s “unfinished” in-game model preview from the Dota 2 test client.

The new hero is expected to arrive during the The International Dota 2 Championships 2016 next week, and will be the second hero to do so if he does arrive during TI, with the first being the Goblin Techies durin TI4. The Underlord will also be the last of to complete Dota 2’s 112 hero roster, right after the release of hero 111, the Arc Warden.

Quick Stats

Str Icon

STR: 25 + 2.6 Per Level

Agi Icon

AGI: 12 + 1.3 Per Level

Int Icon

INT: 17 + 2.6 Per Level


Skillset Overview

Skill Name Quick Description
Pit Lord - FirestormFire Storm Calls down waves of fire that damage enemy units in the target area, and continues to burn them for additional damage over time.
Pit Lord - Pit of Malice
Pit of Malice
A deadly pit is conjured at the target location; any unit that enters is unable to move for some time and takes damage. Each enemy unit can only be affected once. Pierces Magic Immunity, disables channeling spells, blinks, and reveals invisible units.
Pit Lord - Atrophy Aura
Atrophy Aura
Nearby enemy units are weakened, losing a portion of their base damage. If it dies while under this effect, Underlord gains bonus damage, buff lasts 30 seconds.
Pit Lord - Dark Rift
Dark Rift
Opens a dark rift at the targeted friendly unit’s position. After a short delay, Underlord and all nearby friendly heroes are teleported to that unit’s location.

The Underlord’s basic statistics make him relatively easy to play on the solo lanes where he can keep in range of creep exp while practically free farming using Firestorm, while he does have decent STR enough to provide him with enough beef against harassment, his low base armor may be the cause of his peril should he aimlessly venture on enemy territory. Laning is not at all the biggest deal for this upcoming hero however, as Vrogros excels greatly when going against opponents of huge numbers, utilizing his fatal Pit of Malice and Firestorm skill combination, while still able to survive right clicks, thanks to Atrophy Aura.

Choosing territories

A quick glance on his skill set and hunger for levels, while being able to secure the early farm, Underlord easily screams “mid or feed” to anyone who chooses to play him in the game. However, the middle lane jurisdiction may not at all be the only choice as certain adjustments such as going for the solo offlane and stacking the nearest creep camps to secure his farm is also favorable. Being a melee however, while Vrogros may be able to secure his own share of gold, his lack of harassment prowess may only result in an even lane rather than a dominant setup as Firestorm itself is an AoE target spell that focuses on a 400-radius area.

Different builds, different playstyles

The Underlord was initially feared during his early iterations in the Defense of the Ancients days albeit he was never able to gain general popularity for, at some point, he was deemed to broken to play with or against, and most players never truly understanding or finding a decent gameplan. Given his skillset, there may be a few decent ways to play the Underlord, ranging from your regular tower push, to global teamfights, and a run-in-and-mow-them-down-brute.

The Magical Brute.

Pit Lord - FirestormPit Lord - Pit of Malice

Veil of Discord Blink Dagger


Underlord’s core gameplay relies on utilizing his wide range AoEs and Spell Immunity piercing disable that both deal magical damage. Prioritizing levels on Firestorm and Pit of Malice while complementing both spell’s damage output with Veil of Discord and securing the initiation with Blink Dagger could be considered as a basic component of the Underlord’s prowess in fights albeit proper BKB timings and Silencer’s Global Silence may easily tear his presence apart.

A Runaway Tank

Pit Lord - Atrophy AuraShiva

Black King Bar



While low on his base armor because of the near terrible AGI growth, Underlord can still excel in drawing enemy fire through his Atrophy Aura which removes 42% of enemy damage within a 900 radius. Partnered with defense items such as Shiva’s Guard, enemies, especially melees may find it hard to bring him down easily, as he is a priority target, while giving the Underlord’s allies a huge window to take out their own priority targets. Still, there lies his susceptibility to ranged super carries who may find him an easy target due to size.

The Global Siege Kit

Pit Lord - Firestorm

Pit Lord - Dark RiftNecronomicon 4



Nature’s Prophet maybe ,without doubt, the current King of the Rat push and Global pressure, however, 1 man may not be enough to bring down towers and force enemies to react, and this is where Underlord’s Dark Rift excels on many levels. Bringing potentially all of his allies to any visible point in the map, the Underlord can single-handedly make or break a siege depending on where and how he lands the Dark Rift while complementing both the push and the fight with waves of Firestorm, keeping enemy units pinned less they risk being burned.

Fitting in with the current metagame

The dominance of hard-hitting melees, tremendous AoE, and teamfight control, with the rise of heroes like Invoker, Disruptor and Slardar, would mean that Underlord may just easily fit in with 6.88b’s current metagame. That is if he makes it to the drafts before the next patch comes in. The problem however is as he excels in deathballs, Vrogros may prove to be a huge problem to deal with as he still carries on his fearsome skillset that everyone has learned to both love and hate. It is highly likely that it will take 2 or 3 more updates before allowing him to enter the Captain’s Mode ring, but in the meantime, he will have to feed on the nightmares of players that are forced to face him in pubs.

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