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The Manila Major Main Event – Mineski goes down to Alliance but not without putting up a valiant fight

The Manila Major Main Event – Mineski goes down to Alliance but not without putting up a valiant fight

by LouisJune 7, 2016

Sad at it may seem, the Filipino squad of Mineski Dota will concede their Manila Majors run after being defeated by Alliance in the lower bracket. The team may have won the hearts of the Casters and the Crowd though, as they were able to give us one of the most exciting fights of the Major.

raging.potato Mid S4
Benhur Carry Loda
Bokerino Offlane Admiral Bulldog
Julz Support Akke
Cast Support EGM

A draft both focusing on push and team fight, Mineski went for a “pick your poison” lineup aimed at besting Alliance in the push start with raging.potato on the Death Prophet and Bokerino handling the Nature’s Prophet then topping it off with the Benhur Juggernaut, Alliance on the other hand will not be without push powers of their own as they go for signature heroes on s4, the Queen of Pain, and Admiral Bulldog‘s Beast Master with a surprise Bristleback pick on Loda. As described by Nahaz, the whole stadium shook after a turn around kill by raging.potato at mid that left s4 and EGM dead which also showcased the strength of Mineski‘s lineup which can sustain the aggro by having Julz rotate and Bokerino backup using the Global Teleport. Mineski was securing a 4000 Net Worth lead on as early as 16 minutes. Alliance, already on the ropes managed to win a team fight for what seems to be the first time in the game after a lengthy chase left Mineski‘s cores open to kills, topped off with an Exorcism steal by EGM.

All started to go downhill from Mineski at that point as Alliance was able to secure the needed items on their cores such as Loda‘s Crimson Guard and the Orchid from s4. The Aegis secure by Alliance was quickly contested by Mineski thereafter, but prioritising Loda after popping the Aegis on the Queen of Pain proved to be fatal as s4 was able to quickly retaliate, together with his teammates leaving raging.potatocast, Bokerino and Julz dead in the process. There was no stopping Alliance starting at that point as they continued to bait team fights and forcing Mineski to invest everything on Loda while leaving the already BKB-ed s4 to do some housecleaning. Mineski still managed to put up a very valiant fight even almost forcing a base race with raging.potatoBenhur and Bokerino knocking into Alliance‘s base, but with a mega creep deficit, the Swedish Rat lords Alliance proved that they are the better at the Push strat and forcing the GG out of the Filipinos, Mineski, ending their Manila Major run.

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