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The Manila Major Groupstage Report – Newbee heads to the Playoff Upper Bracket after defeating OG 2-0.

The Manila Major Groupstage Report – Newbee heads to the Playoff Upper Bracket after defeating OG 2-0.

by LouisJune 3, 2016

The game of sweeps continues in the Manila Major as Newbee defeats OG 2 games to none in their best of 3 Winner’s Match for Group A. The Chinese bet who fought their way to the Majors by way of the qualifiers proved that they can carry the red banner to the playoffs after defeating the Frankfurt Major Champions OG.

Game 1

Mu DK Mid Viper n0tail
Hao Clinkz Carry Lifestealer Miracle-
Kpii FV Offlane Slardar Moon
Chuan Lich Support VS Fly
Kaka Earth Spirit Support Io Cr1t

While it looked to be a good start for OG as they look to counter the frontline armor strategy of Newbee with the Slardar on Moon and Fly on Vengeful Spirit, both heroes with armor debuff abilities, Newbee initiated much of the action as both Mu and Kpii drew the first kills of the game followed up by Hao‘s Clinkz taking down Cri1on the Io. A quick push on the 9-minute mark by Newbee at the Tier 1 Top Tower proved that the Europeans are already in danger as the Chinese squad started to build up on their early advantage. A big teamfight broke out near OG‘s Tier 1 bottom lane and a disastrous one for the European squad as Newbee was able to take down at least 3-4 heroes, with Chuan himself even getting a double kill. The Networth lead by Newbee started to enter a dangerous spike at the 19-minute mark after a fight that left multiple heroes dead for OG. Things started to look good for OG as Miracle– was able to secure the aegis and OG proceeding to take down 2 Tier 2 towers of Newbee at around 25 minutes, but the Chinese flagbearers held on to their lead with patience and managed to wipeout OG after a successful Roshan bait at minute 32.

Yup, that is a teamwipe alright.

Yup, that is a teamwipe alright.

With Newbee leading more than 20,000 on the networth, OG was forced to make a final stand at their Tier 3 Tower at the Bottom Lane with Miracle- helplessly trying to square it out with Hao and forced to buyback just before the GG call.

Game 2

Mu Razor Mid DK Miracle-
Hao Slark Carry Tiny n0tail
Kpii DS Offlane Batrider Moon
Chuan VS Support Disruptor Fly
Kaka Beastmaster Support Io Cr1t

Game 2 featured the dreaded Tiny+Io combo, a reminisce of n0tail‘s Fnatic days who were said to be the first one’s in the West to successfully exploit it, together with the Batrider on Mooand Miracle– on the Dragon Knight, Newbee on the other hand answered with a control lineup with Kpii‘s Disruptor and Kaka on the Beastmaster, while leaving the carry duties to Hao on the Slark. Back and forth kills happened just as the horn sounded with Moon and n0tail falling victim to Newbee, but the bloodshed for OG didn’t end there as cr1t and Fly also fell victims to their own demise less than a minute after. Multiple early kills were exchanged by both teams during the first minutes of the match with a huge chunk coming from Mu and Kaka who were able to secure multiple kills on OG‘s Carries particularly the Tiny. While n0tail was still able to secure his Blink Dagger on time together with Moon they were not able to prevent the push from Newbee as multiple Tier 1s and a Tier 2 at Mid fell to the hands of the Chinese team. Newbee continued to pile up on the advantage against OG with the uphill attempt resulting in OG completely losing their midlane at 25 minutes. OG still tried to put up a fight against Newbee but the Ultra Kill from Mu sealed the deal, sending OG to the lower bracket, while Newbee takes the first seed of the Main Event.


Game 2’s final scoreboard which nearly reflect’s what happened in Game 1.

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